For employers, it just makes sense.

Alive & Well’s unique model offers business owners lower pricing on healthcare benefits, added value for employee retention and recruiting, healthier staff, lower MOD rates for workers comp, and medical providers who truly care.

Lower Pricing


We offer the highest quality care with NO MIDDLEMEN and LESS OVERHEAD. Then we pass the savings on to you!

Retention & Recruiting


Employees with on-site healthCARE are more likely to STAY in their current jobs…a benefit that will also help you ATTRACT THE BEST employees.

Healthier Staff


We help your staff MISS LESS WORK due to health concerns and give them access to the care they need over the phone or in person.

Lower MOD Rates


Our providers can do on-site first aid to help control Workers’ Comp Insurance claims.

Providers With Time To Really Care


Our providers can do on-site first aid to help control Workers’ Comp Insurance claims.


Our providers take care of your employees and their’ families’ day-to-day healthCARE needs! They simply call or text the Alive & Well 24/7 Medical HelpLine to resolve issues over the phone or through a House Call. We are your employees’ first contact for almost any medical concern. We provide continuing care and coordinate with medical specialists. 


You don’t need to make an appointment and sit in a waiting room every time you need a refill. Save time and money when with prescriptions orders through the Alive & Well Medical HelpLine. Our providers can diagnose and order prescriptions for nearly 80% of needs with our messaging, photo, and video options. They will also assist you in locating a pharmacy near you with the lowest price for your prescription.


Memberships begin with a health and fitness assessment. The assessment helps us get to know each Alive & Well member’s health concerns and goals. The Alive & Well team comes to your worksite and provides an enjoyable and enlightening assessment experience. Results are confidential and don’t affect membership. Our providers manage and monitor ongoing health concerns at worksite visits and via the 24/7 Medical HelpLine.


You can offer the same kind of benefit as Google and Amazon to your business. Imagine your own medical provider at your worksite—black bag in hand, attending to everyday or acute care needs. Studies have found that on-site healthcare clinics can lower medical costs for companies, encourage better long-term employee health, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity.


Although most healthCARE needs can be handled on the 24/7 Medical HelpLine, we also offer in-person House Calls! When illnesses or injuries aren’t life-threatening but can’t wait until your next worksite visit, our providers can come to you. For example, providers can give stitches or IV fluids or check on a sick child at home. We can also coordinate labs or x-rays from home!


You are a MEMBER, not a number to us! Our providers know you personally. They provide treatment and serve as your guide through the ‘wilderness’ of tests, specialists, operations and more. We also support many alternative health solutions according to your preferences and needs.